“My husband and I enjoyed both visits to Meet the Baby Ultrasound to see the 3D/4D images of our precious little girl.  The room felt so comfortable and relaxing, I felt so much at home.  We are so ecstatic at how much she looks like us, from her cute little nose, to her chubby cheeks. It’s so awesome!

We can’t believe the technology of sonograms now, and to have been able to participate and actually have them done is the greatest experience ever. To see what our daughter looks like before she is born amazes us.  Thank you for this life changing experience, we will always look back on this and smile.  All of our family and friends are surprised to see what our baby looks like, and some wish they could have done 3D/4D sonograms with their children as well.  We recommend this to everyone we talk to.  Thank you so much for this experience, and for bringing us that much closer to our precious baby girl.”

– David and Alicia Q.


Hey there! We had our 3D ultrasound pictures done at Meet the Baby ultrasound back in November and February.  Well, I am pround to announce the birth of my beautiful baby girl Hailey Nicole.  And I can’t believe how much she looks just like her ultrasound.  She even sleeps with her hands by her face like in the ultrasounds!


Name: Hailey Nicole
Born: March 4, 2006
Time: 4:00 pm
Stats: 9 lbs, 4 oz, 21 inches

Thanks again for that experience!

– David and Alicia Q.

“I  really enjoyed my ultrasounds. I can’t believe how much she looks like the pictures. What a wonderful keepsake I have for my daughter now. The only shocker was all the hair she has. Our first daughter was blonde and bald. So we still had a big surprise.”

before after3

– Crystal M.


Meet the Baby Ultrasound was the Greatest experience ever! I have one child all ready, & I wish more than any thing that I would have had a 3-D ultrasound with her! Because I felt so much closer to my second child since having the ultrasound done & part of me feels that I missed out on that experienced with my first child. When I arrived at Storksview Ultrasound I was greeted by a very happy & friendly staff. Was offered a drink & even a snack before my ultrasound… Talk about five star treatment! =)

The best part was the room where they have the ultrasound done; they had a great bed you lay on (very comfortable!) & a very soft & long couch your husband or family can sit on while they look at your bundle of joy on a very large screen. & (ladies the gel they put on your belly is nice & warm!!!) From the staff to the five star treatment & the viewing of your bundle of joy. This is clearly something you don’t want to miss; it’s a once in a life time experience that you can never get back again. I had the 4-D ultrasound done twice once at 20 wks & another at 31wks both times where awesome! & I’m very glad I had both experiences because at 20 wks she was tiny but just right to get her whole body in the picture, you can clearly she her hands, feet, mouth & so on….Awesome!

Second time was very much awesome because you can see pretty much exactly what your child will look like when he or she arrives & not just that but I also saw my child smiling, yawing & my husband & I noticed that when she was sleeping she slept with her one hand under her head & that is exactly the way her big sister sleeps also… I’m telling when you when you go & have your ultrasound done you will not be disappointed!!! It is clearly the greatest experience that one mother should never miss out on. You will see that your child already has his or her own personality… & it just brings you so much closer to your little baby, before he or she even arrives! & I know that I talked about the five star treatment, but I wanted to mention that the price of the ultrasound was even greater I paid only $170.00 for a DVD, & CD with 91 pictures of my daughter that I will always have. I think that you can’t even put a price on something this memorable. However it does help not to have to pay a five star price!

I would definitely recommend going to Meet the Baby Ultrasound in Tampa! Because the price was perfect & the staff & treatment was definitely Five Star. And to be honest, you aren’t guaranteed that any where else. I know because I have looked around at couple of places before finding the one in Tampa, & the other places were way over priced! So I traveled two hours from where I lived just because the price in Tampa was worth the trip.. & I really got lucky because when I arrived there the staff was even greater!!! Now you can see why I would go twice!! Ladies take my advice & don’t miss out on this once in a life time experience!!

– Stephaney K.

“Our experience at Meet the Baby Ultrasound was really amazing! We had no idea that the pictures we would see of our soon-to-be daughter would be as revealing and eye-opening as they were. During our visit, we actually got to see our daughter open her eyes, which was totally beyond belief! The staff was very friendly and the environment was inviting and warm. Having our ultrasound session on DVD is a lifetime keepsake. All of our friends and family were shocked at how much you can really see. The whole experience was awesome! I would definitely recommend Storksview Ultrasound to anyone who is pregnant and wants a once-in-a lifetime opportunity at seeing your child in a way I never thought possible.”

– Melissa M.

“The experience of the 4-D ultrasound was truly amazing…My husband and I didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl so it was truly exciting for us to see the baby and find out.  We fell in love with her the minute we saw her!  It is such a personal experience and the environment truly makes it special unlike when we had gone for our 2-D ultrasound.  Everyone that sees the pictures and the video is amazed at how clearly you can see her face and all of her features.

I would highly recommend the experience that Meet the Baby Ultrasound provides to any expecting parents.  Not only did it mean so much to us to be able to see her and know that she is healthy and beautiful, but we also know that it is something our daughter will cherish in the future. Thank you Sherri and Storksview for providing us with memories that will last a lifetime!”

Kristina and Michael G.

“Going in and having the first 4-d ultrasound was an amazing experience! It was not even comparable to the ultrasound they performed at my doctors office. It was such a phenomenal experience to be able to see my baby boy and all of his expressions and get so upclose with him! And I especially enjoyed how the ultrasound was performed in such a warm environment and the atmosphere made it that much more enjoyable!”

Maya H.

“Sherri, We enjoyed our session very much with you and treasured every moment we could see that beautiful face of hers. I’m very happy with the success of the ultrasound and have been encouraging other families that are expecting to experience that same wonderful feeling we got just looking at her. I currently work in a salon and see many expecting mothers and keep all pictures of  our baby on my desk to show. Anyone that looks at them are very amazed and interested in getting a 4 d ultrasound as well. I pass along your information and hope that you will be meeting these families soon.  Again, thank you!”

Maren, Barry, and little Maren

“As a professional seeing births every day that I work, I didn’t think that I would be moved by this expirence.  Was I wrong!  Seeing her looking so real, smiling, sucking her toes, hands and rubbing her ear were all so heart warming.  This is my grandaughter!  Even her  Great Aunt, my sister who is also an Advance Practice Nurse got cought up with the wonders of it all.

Aunt Pam had been very negative about going to do this, but was totally sold, naming all the pregnant women that her daughter knows, and saying that they had to find some one in Dallas to visit.  She said it was like sneaking and opening your Christmas presents on the sly while your parents were out.  Guess that tells us what she did every year!  We look at it often, and I have shown it to several nurses that I work with  and they are all just as surprised.  We love it.”

Judy T. – Grandmother

“My husband and I wanted to do something really special for this pregnancy since it was baby #3. I always thought getting a 3D Ultrasound would be really expensive, but once we looked up the prices we saw it wasn’t that bad. It was by far the best thing I have ever done in any of my pregnancies. Not only did we get to see our daughter, but we got the best pictures along with it. They are extremely professional and make sure that you get the best possible pictures of you baby no matter what. After my daughter was born we went back and looked at the pictures and it looks exactly like her. My only regret is that I didn’t get to do this with my last two babies!”

Karin and Brandon W.

“It was always hard to imagine it was a baby inside of me. I could feel it kick and move. The only thing I could picture was the “slice” image of the black and white Ultrasound. I could see its spine and the inside of its skull and know it was a baby inside of me. When I had my 3D/4D Ultrasound, my heart skipped a beat. He’s not a shadow, he’s not a skeleton. He is my son. He has his sister’s nose and chubby cheeks. He’s real. And he’s inside of me growing. My son is beautiful. The whole family loved the pictures and the tape. I e-mailed his picture to everyone I knew and introduced my soon to be born son.”

Julie R.

“What a rush it was to put a face, not to mention all of her other adorable parts, to this little life growing inside of me! And what an opportunity for my husband to further his experience thus far with our baby…to count her little fingers and toes, to watch as she turns and kicks and punches! I would recommend the 3D-4D Ultrasound experience to anyone who will listen.”

Jessica S.

“After much thought, we decided to have a 3D/4D Ultrasound done during this pregnancy. We have suffered 2 miscarriages in the last 3 years. This pregnancy is a miracle, we wanted to document every last detail of it. Our doctor’s office does not allow tape recordings of Ultrasounds due to insurance reasons, and we really wanted to have a video of an Ultrasound. This was the factor that helped us decided to go ahead and go through with the Ultrasound.

When she wasn’t cooperating, the tech stopped the session, gave me juice and then we started again and what a show she put on. We have video of her YAWNING!!! YAWNING!! She’s a little person! It was amazing. Anyway, it was well worth it. I could sit and watch the video all day long if I was allowed to. I am so amazed at how much she looks like me (so was everyone else). I can’t believe I have an idea of what my baby will look like before she gets here! And as I have said before, seeing Hannah before she is born is truly amazing.”

Stephen and Rose M.

“I was thrilled to learn that the new Ultrasound technology was available in Tampa . I had high expectations coming into my appointment and I was not disappointed at all. The opportunity to clearly see my daughter before she was even born was amazing. It brought her that much closer to me. Thank you for the opportunity and I wish you much success. I’ve told all of my friends about the experience and they can’t wait to experience it themselves.”

Michelle D.

“My husband and I agreed to get the Meet the Baby Ultrasound as an anniversary present to ourselves. We just celebrated five years together. I can’t tell you what a gift it has been to see our baby’s face before she arrives. There has been so much excitement in the whole family as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins try to figure out who she looks like. Everyone has been just as amazed as we have been. I often watch the video when I feel like it will be a long time before I get to hold her. Thank you for bringing my baby closer to me!”

Mollie and Joseph D.

“The experience with the 3D/4D sonogram was incredible and I would recommend it to everyone. Seeing our baby up close and personal was an incredible experience and one that we will never forget! You were so patient and incredibly nice and made us feel so comfortable. Thanks for having us back to capture the pictures and video that we will treasure forever.”

Wally and Staci B.

“I wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience. This being my second child I have had numerous Ultrasounds throughout both my pregnancies. By far my Ultrasound session with Meet the Baby Ultrasound has been the most rewarding. I could not believe that I was actually watching my child move inside me in 3D, it was amazing to see her every expression. Not only was it wonderful to truly put a real face on the little person growing inside me, but your pleasant surroundings are a far cry from the sterile hospital environment and truly made my Ultrasound the best yet.”

CPT Dorota G.

“We have shown everyone our video and I have told all my pregnant friends that they have to come get one done when they are far enough along. My doctor loved seeing the photos too, and she has them posted in her office.”

Jenn G.

“Around week 12 of my pregnancy, a friend in California mentioned 4D Ultrasound technology and encouraged me to look into it. After doing some research for locations in Tampa , Florida where this is available, I found that only one physician carries this technology and I would have to be a full time patient to take advantage of the technology. I figured that I was out of luck.

Then, one Saturday around week 18 of the pregnancy I was watching television and saw an advertisement Meet the Baby Ultrasound. I quickly wrote down the number and called that following Monday.  Sherri at Meet the Baby Ultrasound was very accommodating and helpful explaining the various packages my husband and I could choose from. Since this is our first baby and we are very excited, we chose the most extensive package. We had a 2D Ultrasound at our regular obstetrician’s office during week 21 and only got to see the baby for about 15 minutes.

We arrived at Meet the Baby Ultrasound during week 24 of the pregnancy. We had a full 30 minutes of viewing time with our baby. The event was recorded on VHS tape and digital pictures were taken as well. We were able to share these with our family and friends. It also gave us peace of mind to be able to see the truly clear images of our baby girl. This technology is like no other.

It does not compare in any way to the 2D Ultrasound offered at most physician’s offices. We could truly see our baby’s facial expressions, her legs, fists, head, everything! We felt that the package Meet the Baby Ultrasound offered us allowed us to have more time to bond with our baby before she arrives. I highly recommend it!”

Jennifer H.

“We had a great experience at Meet the Baby Ultrasound. Our technician was fantastic and was a big part in the wonderful session we had. We can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled we were to see our babies (boy/girl twins) in the 3D format. It is truly amazing how “real” they look, it takes your breath away. Both grandmothers attended the session with us and they were so astounded at today’s technology. We have recommended Storksview Ultrasound to everyone we know that is pregnant (or planning on getting pregnant). Thank you for this opportunity.”

Tonya and Nicco M.

“I had an absolutely wonderful time during my Ultrasound. It is truly amazing to see the pictures–it really makes the whole pregnancy experience more real. I have sent pictures to my husband in Iraq and I know that he will truly find them wonderful and touching. He couldn’t be a part of the pregnancy, physically, but through these pictures he can be there emotionally. Everyone that has seen the pictures cannot believe how real they look. It is awesome to be able to “see” my baby way before she is born. I really valued my experience with you and have told others. You offer a wonderful service.”

Heather D.